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DATE               FROM                    TO                             STATE                STATUTE MILES

2009-05-22      Causeway Island      Vero Beach                         FLORIDA             14.0

2009-05-23      Vero Beach              Titusville                              FLORIDA             75.0

2009-05-24      Titusville                   St-Sebastien River               FLORIDA             96.0

2009-05-25       St-Sebastien river     Fernandina Beach               FLORIDA             63.3

2009-05-26       Fernandina Beach     Wakoo River                     GEORGIA             86.5

2009-05-27      Wakoo river               Herb River                        GEORGIA             45.6

2009-05-28      Herb river                   Bull River (Bull Bay)          S-CAROLINA      67.4

2009-05-29      Bull Bay                     Graham creek Little river    S-CAROLINA      97.3

2009-05-30      Little river                   Carolina Beach                  N-CAROLINA     46.6

2009-05-31      Carolina Beach    Atlantic Sea (Masonboro Inlet) N-CAROLINA     13.6

2009-06-01      Atlantic Sea                 Beaufort                           N-CAROLINA      94.6

2009-06-02       Beaufort                     Cedar creek                     N-CAROLINA      27.7

2009-06-03       Cedar creek               Hoboken cut                    N-CAROLINA      75.6

2009-06-04       Hoboken cut              Alligator River                  N-CAROLINA      56.0

2009-06-05       Alligator River            Dismal Swamp canal        VIRGINIA              86.8

2009-06-06       Dismal Swamp           Horn harbour Chesapeake Bay VIRGINIA     71.5

2009-06-07       Horn harbour              Solomon Island                VIRGINIA             83.8

2009-06-08       Solomon Island           C & D Canal               MARYLAND       77.8

2009-06-09       C & D Canal         Delaware City                  MARYLAND       18.0

2009-06-09       Delaware City            Cape May                        DELAWARE       132.0

2009-06-10       Cape May                  Sandy’s Hook                 NEW JERSEY       91.7

2009-06-11       Sandy’s Hook            Murderers creek              NEW YORK         48.3

2009-06-12       Murderers creek        STILLWATER Lock       NEW YORK         59.0

2009-06-13       STILLWATER          Cole island Lake Champlain NEW YORK      96.7

2009-06-14       Cole island                 Willsboro Bay                  NEW YORK          28.2